Collect all 8 and save the date!

Want a free ticket to Blaffer Art Museum’s annual gala after-party in 2016? Get your hands on one of these cards (both sides are shown below), fill out the requested information and collect a sticker* for every Blaffer exhibition you see between Summer 2015 (starting May 29) and Spring 2016. If you collect all eight stickers, we’ll give you a free ticket to our gala after-party on May 14, 2016.

* If you lose your sticker card or forget it when you visit, don’t worry – just give us your email address and we’ll record your visit and give you a sticker (and/or a replacement sticker card).

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Pick one up and fill it out at Blaffer on your next visit, see all eight exhibits and collect all eight stickers, and come party with us on May 14, 2016.

After all, once you’ve seen all eight exhibitions we have coming up, you’ll know as well as anyone how much we’ll have to celebrate at the hottest party of 2016!

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