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Meet the MFAs: Cristina Bizman

As Blaffer prepares to open the University of Houston School of Art 38th Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition on April 8 (reception 7-9 p.m.; member/VIP preview 6 p.m.), we’re highlighting artworks by each of the dozen graduating and exhibiting artists along with his or her catalog statement. Next up is Cristina Bizman:

Cristina Bizman, fifty fifty fifty, 2016. Paper cutout. 28" x 36"
Cristina Bizman, fifty fifty fifty, 2016. Paper cutout. 28″ x 36″

By blending personal narratives into a number of literacies, both traditional and emerging, I am expressing my sublime obsession with creating narrative scenarios in an exploration of storytelling. My work is a result of the cross-pollination of a series
of paper cutouts, sculptures and mixed media prints, with a story to compose a contemporary picture of a historical reality.

They are all true short stories displayed as self standing vignettes overlapping with images that together unfold my children’s favorite story and probably the most important for them to remember. Since my children were born I have been telling them family stories as a way to give them a sense of belonging, as I believe that belonging is fundamental to our sense of happiness and well-being.

By publicly exposing my stories and personal artwork, I aim to inspire the viewer and increase their awareness regarding the importance of storytelling to our happiness and sense of belonging.


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