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Meet the MFAs: Mark Chen

As Blaffer prepares to open the University of Houston School of Art 38th Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition on April 8 (reception 7-9 p.m.; member/VIP preview 6 p.m.), we’re highlighting artworks by each of the dozen graduating and exhibiting artists along with his or her catalog statement. Next up is Mark Chen:

Mark Chen, Windtopia 2045 Annual Report Cover Page. HP Indigo Digital Press, 8.5x11” Courtesy of the artist
Mark Chen, Windtopia 2045 Annual Report Cover Page. HP Indigo Digital Press, 8.5×11” Courtesy of the artist

At year 2045, Windtopia’s 50 million wind turbines continue to power the world with zero carbon emissions. As a result, sea level rise across the globe has decelerated. Looking back at the 2015 Paris Conference when consensus was only nominally achieved, we are thankful that Windtopia has saved humanity from the brink of destruction.

My name is Mark Chen, Chief Communication Officer of Windtopia. I am presenting to you the 2045 Shareholders Meeting. In this gathering, our spokespersons and myself will engage our patrons and investors in conversations about Windtopia’s latest and greatest achievements. There are also visual and sound installations showcasing our wind farms around the world.

While you are here, immerse yourself in our presentations. Pick up a copy of our 2045 Annual Report and A Collection of Essays on Windtopia – these are good reads for our patrons, shareholders and anyone in the community we vow to serve.

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