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Meet the MFAs: Michael Toskovich

As Blaffer prepares to open the University of Houston School of Art 38th Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition on April 8 (reception 7-9 p.m.; member/VIP preview 6 p.m.), we’re highlighting artworks by each of the dozen graduating and exhibiting artists along with his or her catalog statement. Next up is Michael Toskovich:

Michael Toskovich, Untitled, 2015. Oil on canvas, 10 x 10 inches
Michael Toskovich, Untitled, 2015. Oil on canvas, 10 x 10 inches

I paint to feel powerful. I paint to escape the chaos of managing a family and as a means to free myself from the monotony of the mundane tasks. I transform the clutter of domestic tasks and cleanups into organized clusters and simplified symbols. I do this in my paintings by creating gaps within the paint, where small slivers of the chaos are trapped beneath the top layer of paint.

I work from a lexicon of images in multiple sketch books to start a painting. I determine whether the small scale of image will be lost in the enlargement process or keep the same size to draw the viewer in closer. Drawing has always helped me externalize my thoughts into something tangible like painting, the act of painting lets me organize these thoughts to form new meaning.

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