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Programming Notes for Buildering and Miguel Amat

14 Amat 8

Our programming lineup for Buildering: Misbehaving the City got off to a lively start last week with a roundtable discussion between artists Gabriel Martinez and Carrie Marie Schneider and Susan Rogers, UH assistant professor of architecture and director of the Community Design Resource Center. Read Alexandra Doyle‘s report in The Cougar here.

Next up at noon on Wednesday, Oct. 22 is a Brown Bag Gallery Talk with Cheryl Beckett, associate professor in the UH School of Art Graphic Design Program, and Peter Turchi, UH professor of English.

Then we’ll take a breather for a couple of weeks before the next Brown Bag Gallery Talk at noon on Wednesday, Nov. 5, when artist Miguel Amat will discuss his newly opened solo exhibition, Dark Pool Knight Vision, with Fabiola López-Durán, assistant professor of art history at Rice University. As anyone who came to the opening on Sunday knows, they’ll have a lot of rich material to discuss.

We’ll have another Buildering Brown Bag Gallery Talk at noon on Wednesday, Nov. 12, followed by a performance by Buildering artist Allard van Hoorn at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 18.

Van Hoorn is a Dutch sound, installation and performance artist collaborating across the disciplines of architecture, design, music, dance and theatre. His performance at Blaffer, 021 Urban Songline, is part of a series of visual, acoustic and spatial scripts and scenarios executed in and around public buildings around the world that investigate our relationship to public space.

Van Hoorn’s performance for Blaffer Art Museum will turn our building, which already looks amazing at night, into a colorful music box. A group of dancers equipped with flashlights will move up, down and around the staircase and hallways of the museum to create a visual and sonic description of the architecture that is simultaneously recorded, translated into a musical score, and re-interpreted in a live performance that seeks a symbiosis of movement and architecture, of structure and dynamics that allows audiences to listen to the building as well as inhabit it. You won’t want to miss this one.

Finally, our fall programming will wrap up at noon on Wednesday, Dec. 10 with Blaffer director and chief curator Claudia Schmuckli, who organized the Miguel Amat show for our First Take series, leading a Brown Bag Gallery Talk on Dark Pool Knight Vision.

Installation views of Miguel Amat: Dark Pool Knight Vision at Blaffer Art Museum by Nash Baker Photography

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