Window into Houston — Jim Nolan: shifting SCALE

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Window into Houston Series

Jim Nolan: shifting SCALE

July 31 – November 6, 2013

Blaffer Downtown

Jim Nolan is known for creating seemingly off-handed sculptures and installations made of quotidian materials and objects procured at Home Depot or the 99 Cent Store that marry a formalist impulse with an overt love for material kitsch and a punk rock spirit.

In shifting SCALE Nolan responds to the fact that the exhibition, while physically housed in a private residence, takes place in the public realm, with the work being visible only from the street by passersby both on foot or in cars. Riffing on the concept and role of public art, Nolan creates a shifting tableau of sculptures that, from one window to the next, morph in scale from table-top to life-size. Model railroad figures create the illusion of a fantastical sculpture park in miniature on one side, which is immediately subverted by the addition of actual size discarded clothing, beer bottles and plastic flowers on the other. While alluding to the sort of uninvited collaboration that often inserts itself into public settings, these elements add to the confusion around scale and setting that lies at the heart of shifting SCALE.

Jim Nolan has a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA and a MFA from the Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA. He is the recipient of a 2002 Aljira Emerge Spring Fellowship, Newark, NJ, and a 2003 Webspace Artist of the Month recipient from Artists Space, NY. Recent solo exhibitions and collaborations include Low Impact (Resistance to Flow / ThisIsBobDylanToMe) Subject to Change, a collaborative project with Linda Post at Lawndale Art Center, Houston, 2012; Today Is Tomorrow, Art Palace Gallery, Houston, 2011; (v)=Variable Project, Houston, a site specific project w/ Mick Johnson, 2010; A Powerful Hankering, artMoving, Brooklyn, NY, 2005; JIM NOLAN WORKS, NoName Exhibitions at the Soap Factory, Minneapolis, MN, 2002. He lives in Houston.

Window into Houston is made possible with generous support from Jim Petersen, Jr.

Launched in 2011, Window into Houston is a series of site-specific exhibitions commissioned by Blaffer Art Museum. Housed in the storefront windows of a historic building turned private residence, Window into Houston takes contemporary art to the street. This highly public setting provides artists a unique platform for the creation of new work in response to the site and offers passersby fresh perspectives on contemporary art made in and for Houston.

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