UH School of Art 41st Annual MFA Thesis Exhibition


University of Houston School of Art
41st Annual Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition

March 30—April 13, 2019

Each spring the Blaffer Art Museum and the University of Houston School of Art proudly presents the work of the Masters of Fine Arts degree candidates from the school’s five studio programs: Graphic Design, Interdisciplinary Practice and Emerging Forms, Painting, Photography/Digital Media, and Sculpture. The exhibition showcases highly developed bodies of work produced in a studio intensive environment over a three-year degree program.

School of Art 2019 Masters of Fine Arts candidates

Erin Carty
Angel Castelan
Jimmy Castillo
Jinyong Choi
Dylan Conner
Leticia Contreras
Sunni Forcier
Rafael Gamero
Madison Luetge
Karen Martinez
Melissa Noble
Robert Redfearn
Amanda Shilling
Derek Witucki
Haoxiang Zhang


Friday, March 29, 6:00-9:00 p.m.
Opening Reception
Blaffer Art Museum

Tuesday, April 9, 12:00-2:15 p.m.
Gallery Talk, MFA Artists Rafael Gamero, Amanda Shilling, Sunni Forcier, Erin Carty, Jinyong Choi, Melissa Noble, Jimmy Castillo, and Derek Witucki.
Blaffer Art Museum

Wednesday, April 10, 12:00-1:45 p.m.
Gallery Talk, MFA Artists Dylan Conneron, Angel Castelán, Haoxiang Zhang, Karen Martinez, Rob Redfearn, Madison Luetge, Leticia Contreras/
Blaffer Art Museum


Check out the ongoing “In the Studio” series to find out more about the artistic processes and motivations of the artists:

Material Manipulations, Sculptural works by Dylan Conner and Melissa Noble dare to defy gravity.

The Power of the Female Gaze, Karen Martinez and Amanda Schilling revel in womean’s multifaceted strength.

The Unreliable Mind, Sunni Forcier, Erin Carty and Madison Luetge tackle notions of fleeting, fallible memory.’

Identity and Personal Growth, Jimmy Castillo, Angel Castelán and Aaron Zhang wrestle history, heritage and tradition.

Transforming Traditions, Robert Redfearn and Rafael Gamero desconstruct and challenge material expectations.

Design as a Tool to Affect Change, Graphic designers Jinyong Choi and Derek Witucki use discipline to challenge the status quo.


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