Blaffer Art Museum Public Programs

Convergence Research

Blaffer Art Museum presents a new, ongoing platform for interdisciplinary research, experimentation, improvisation, and performance. Students and faculty from across the disciplines—and beyond the arts—meet to discuss and present projects in a state of becoming. All are welcome to attend, observe, and join the conversation.


Lunch & Learn

A series of lunchtime gallery talks is presented with each exhibition and features a local expert or artist who gives a tour of current exhibition or leads a presentation or activity related to a relevant topic. This program is always offered with a complimentary lunch.


Contemporary Salon

Contemporary Salon brings scholars, art historians, curators, artists, and experts to a roundtable discussion in conjunction with current exhibitions at the Blaffer.


First Friday Studio Sessions

Blaffer Art Museum offers Studio Sessions the first Friday of every month during the fall and spring semesters. Students are invited to join drop-in tours and hands-on activities to better connect with current exhibitions.

The Blaffer regularly partners with the William R. Jenkins Architecture, Design, and Art Library  to a host a pop-up at each event where students can check out art books and supplies.


Artist Talks, Lectures, & Performances

The Blaffer regularly hosts visiting artist and curator talks, roundtable discussions, special performances, and participatory artist projects held in conjunction with museum exhibitions or as solo events.

In addition to the general public, these interdisciplinary programs are always offered to university students, faculty, and staff as they often link topics explored in a number of academic settings as well as the broader Houston community. 


Summer Arts Workshops

Summer Arts Workshops provide an innovative approach to art-making for children ages 6-12. Each summer, enrollment-based studio workshops are offered for two weeks via two sessions with topics drawn from concurrent museum exhibitions. The curriculum is designed to strategically bridge and build upon concepts meant to develop progressive individual lessons and collaborative project skills.


Saleri Studio Saturday

Held annually in conjunction with UH Family Weekend, Saleri Studio Saturday is a fun day of free art-making and tours for the whole family. Saleri Studio Saturdays provide opportunities for families and children to engage with art and explore their creative potential.