Feb 15 2023


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Convergence Research I Identity: How We Fight, Mold, and Accept Ourselves to Find Our Space in Society


Wednesday, February 15, 2023

6 pm-7pm


Blaffer Art Museum

FREE and open to the public


To interact with the two displays at the Blaffer Art Museum- Jacolby Satterwhite”s “We Are In Hell When We Hurt Each Other” and Leslie Martinez’s “The Secrecy of Water”– we decided to create an interdisciplinary project that concerns the conflicts we have concerning identity in the U.S. When we view “We Are In Hell When We Hurt Each Other,” we think about the discourse around identities and how they lead to conflict, both within ourselves and with each other. We are confronted with the fact that marginalized groups- such as racial minorities, women, and queer people- have to fight each day to be themselves within a constructed social expectation and try to find peace with their numerous identities that may clash due to cultural expectations. When we experience “The Secrecy of Water,” we are reminded of how the many identities that may be present in one person or an entire community may mix, influence each other, and lead to the beauty of cultural acceptance and collaboration. To do so, we will be presenting a theatrical text that has been created based on the performers’ backgrounds as well as interviews of others’ experiences concerning their journey of reconciling, fighting, or creating their identity in society. We will further explore this idea by converging additional modes of art, so while we are performing our spoken text, we will also present movement, original music played on a cello, projected lighting, and the Blaffer Art Museum displays. We hope that our project inspires our audience to reflect on their own identity/identities. We wish to provide a space for everyone to comfortably have a conversation about these topics as we desire to build a culture where everyone feels that they do not have to fight or blend in to survive.

About the Artists

Ashley Wang, Cellist

Ashley Wang is a native Texan and an active performer, teacher, and cellist. Ashley earned her Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Texas at Austin studying with Grammy-winner Professor Bion Tsang. She is currently pursuing her Master of Music degree in Cello Performance and Pedagogy at the University of Houston, and she is the Graduate Teaching Assistant for the studio of Dr. Eunghee Cho.

Miranda Keating, Actress

Hailing from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin and growing up in a home with an appreciation for theatre and song, Miranda quickly fell in love with performing, oftentimes devising musical bits, dance routines, and productions for her family members around the house day and night. She began her career as an avid actress when she was 8 years old, and she has now been involved with over 40 theatrical productions to date.

Khanthida Mounivong, Actress

Originally from Laos, Khanthida is currently a first-year Theatre Studies graduate student at the University of Houston. She recently received her B.A from St. Olaf College in Minnesota, majoring in theatre and education. She earned her MN K1-12 teaching certificate upon graduation; taught and interned at Children’s Theatre Company (Minneapolis), Franklin Fine Arts Center (Chicago), and Seattle Children’s Theatre.

Parking/Visitor Info

Free parking for this event is available via the six complimentary marked lot spots directly in front of the museum entrance and at the Elgin Street Garage parking (4224 Elgin Street). To take advantage of complimentary Elgin Street Garage parking, please first park in the garage, obtain your machine ticket, and bring the museum front desk upon arrival.